Lifepages with GossamerBlue September kit

Today I'll share a lifepages spread and I'll tell you about my life pages. I used only GossamerBlue September Lifepage kit for this page.

What size album(lifepages) do you like?? After I finished a 9x12 sized lifepages album, I went back to a 12x12 sized album. I don't know what size is good for me!!! I've used 6x8 size for December album. I'm trying using various sized album. At the beginning I started on 12x12 size. But because I felt that the size is too large to fill with my photos. So I look for a new one, it is 9x12 size. :) Recently  I found awesome size! It's 6x12 size. :)
My page is usually simple and clean. There are not many embellishment on the page. It is because I use many photos or big photos. As I create a scrapbooking, I rarely use 4x6 sized photos. But I like to use the size on lifepages spread. I love the single embellishment on a 4x6 sized photo!! So it is perfect to use chipboard & sticker set from kit.
I often finish to stamp a date on journal cards with a tiny date stamp. The mine is that I bought it on local shop. I hope a cute roller date stamp will be released from GossamerBlue Kit!! :) I can't imagine the page without a coffee photo! I love all coffee in the world. The Instax shapre ps-2 is my second photo printer. It is a new fun toy! I like the white frame and the vintage film of it.
And sequin is a good accent on simple page like mine. What do you think my lifepages story? I hope you'll enjoy my page and the story. And I'd like to listen yours! Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. I love your Project Life pages! I cannot decide on using big photos or the ones printed w the @collectapp. Love this app though because it helps w the date & journaling! Hello from Arizona!