A layout with Bamboo stamp set

 Today I 'll share a layout with Bamboo Rose Stamp Set. Its roses and leaves have a unique stroke line. I wonder why its name is 'BamBoo rose' , because I've not seen a rose on bamboo.!! :) And I found the reason why it was called like this in Altenew online shop. As they were painted with a hand curved bamboo stick, and that is where the name of this set comes!! It's so amazing!!
I stamped three different sized images on white cardstock with black ink pad. (I used a versafine inkpad.) Because the roses and leaves have a unique stroke line, I didn't paint full image with water colors. I painted some leaves lightly. After drying watercolors, I die cut them using Bamboo Rose Die Set. I used a mini nipper for cutting dies.
I drew a heart shape on a translucent vellum with a pencil. The heart shape is for shaker box. Because I want to make a line on the heart shape, I did machine stitching with white thread. I sewed the half of heart shape by machine and I put some sequins in it. I have sewn all of the remaining part. 

I ebellished with bamboo die-cuts & sequins and add a title. I finished to layer a patterned paper on the backside of white cardstock and splatter a black mist on it.
I hope you'll enjoy it and Thank you so much!!

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