A Wreath style Layout with Vintage flowers stamp

Today I'll share a wreath layout. I used a Vintage Flowers stamp set & Painted Encouragement stamp set for this.


I used a shadow photo for this layout. I often take the photos of shadow as many as feet by my lense. Because it's simple and beautiful. When you're feeling bored about your daily photo, try taking the photo of your shadow..:) And there are another way to make your photo interesting. It's an Instax share printer. This time I used Instax share ps2 for photo printing. It's an awesome machine! Its frame and the film will enrich your simple photo.

Before I do machine stitching on white cardstock, I traced a circle very lightly with a pencil. Next, I added some sequins on the circle trace using glue and I did machine stitching the trace several times. For this, I used a multi-colored thread.

After machine stitching, I arranged photos and some vintage flower blossoms on the circle and added them with pop-dots. For a vintage flower blossom, I stamped the image from Vintage Flowers stamp set with various Crisp Dye inks. The each color of blossom is not same. (I used Paper Bag Crisp Dye Ink , Evergreen Crisp Dye Ink ,  Forest Glades Crisp Dye Ink , Frayed Leaf Crisp Dye Ink ,  Deep Iris Crisp Dye Ink for blossom Lava Rock Crisp Dye Ink ,  Moon Rock Crisp Dye Ink ,  Evening Gray Crisp Dye Ink  for leaves and Peach Perfect Crisp Dye Ink for a message.)

I stamped a message from Painted Encouragement stamp set with Peach Perfect Crisp Dye Ink and added a title. I layered a patterned paper on the backside and finished to splatter black ink mist.

I hope you enjoy it!
Thank you for stopping by.

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