layout - 2015 story

layout - 2015 story
This layout is for 2015!!
What do you feel about this layout???
maybe....PINK?! or SWEET?! or pretty???:) 
Yes, in this layout the accent is PINK!
First, I used whole pink pattern paper for this layout.
but I found whole pink is not perfect what I wanted !!!
So I forgave a WHOLE PINK page... :)
I used some pieces from pattern paper, but I love its feeling.
I think that every pink color has own feeling...
I used photo & alphabet sticker for title.  --- > '2015 story'
 It's interesting titling...
Thesedays I enjoy SELFIE!! :)
Because colorful-dots of pattern paper, I finished splattering mist.
I like splattering dots, they looks like cute confetti.
: )