Traveler's Notebook Layout with GB May TN kit

It's Eunyoung with a traveler's notebook layout with May TN kit. You can see a new monthly Traveler's notebook kit.

This page is about my Jeonju city trip. I like to wander from street to street. It's a good way to get to know the city. While I was wandering, I found many colorful walls on the street. The photo is one of them.

My TN layout is a kind of  daily or trip photo diary. After I go on a trip, I usually record a photo diary in my traveler's notebook. It's not a mini album. It's not important to chase the time sequence of the trip or the whole story on the notebook. I record what I want or what's my favorite on it. 

I put a Jeonju city map on the left side of a notebook and I added a photo on the right side. We can see many pretty illustrated city maps or Tourist Information Pamphlet during a trip. It's a good way to record a trip. 

I added a top of the city map with a double-side tape, it's a long flap. After I left up the map flap. I wrote a journals and I finished to stamp a date on the right side. I hope you enjoy my page. Thank you for stopping by.

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