layout - look at me

layout - look at me
i came across a mannequin in a shop.
i thought that she is so beatiful and took a photo of her.
but i saw her eyes in this photo, she looks so sad.

 this photo reminded me of a korean song, 'a sad mannequine'.
so while i work this layout, listening the song.
i usually listen music while working. : )
thesedays, my favs are 'begin again ost' 

look at me
and love me...


  1. A perfect layout ! Love it !

  2. Hi I love your layout so much as I scraplifted it! if you are curious you can see my layout here
    http://lisannascrapcorner.blogspot.it/2016/10/new-look-for-you-scraplift-5.html :)