projectlife : April - 2 , keep going...

projectlife : April - 2 , keep going...



1st page...
every moment is with blossom in april : )
this layout is about happy craft time...
yes, it's a specialday!!!
i used  a-beautiful-day-sentiment-set from purple onion designs.
i love this font... so beautiful!!
theseday, i often say to myself  'keepgoing...~'
my love , muffin!!!
a cup of coffee and muffin...
it's a paradise... : )
coz of spring, second page has blossom photos, too.
blossom! need a cute butterfly! : )
used butterfly wood veener.
because every journal card is so beautiful,
my embellishment is simple.

when i have a character stamping on projectlife page,
i use it by very simple ways.
it's a reason why the harmony is very important of character stamping & photos on the pages.   
cos i use many photos on the page. : )
after just stamping with black color, added it on page. 



  1. 머쪄 머쪄
    나도 프라 잘하고싶다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. That is a cute butterfly veneer and bunny stamp!