lay out - quick & easy

layout - quick & easy
today with my favorite storage methods
and how keeping them simple helps me create quick and easy layouts~
What's your favorite storage method?
I've love using plastic moving baskets and clear plastic containers...
That way my storage method is focused on 'quick & easy' for using.
Each moving basket is for ink, dies, clear stamp and so on. 
If I need a inkspray , I 'll just pull the moving basket which contains it over to my work area.That's all. : ) 
And all the little things (buttons, paperclips, chipshapes, wood veneers, brads and more) are kept in clear plastic containers.
All within reach of my creative workspace, easy to see and ready to grab.


Keeping my storage "quick & easy" helps my creativity flow better and my layouts come out in little time.
Here is a "quick and easy" layout I just finished up,
I even made it about my storage.. he he.  



  1. 와우! 요거 스북 진짜 맘에들어요! 특히 삼베천 리본 대박!!!!
    그나저나 이래 보니까 쌤 잉크 되게 많다!

    1. 요 삼베 첨엔 당황스러웠는데...ㅋ
      부제료의 한계란 없구나!했어요... 그런데 배경지랑 은근 볼매 같다는 생각을...ㅋ
      fancypants 갯감은 제가 그닥 좋아하는 쪽은 아닌데 워낙 개성이 강한지라,,,
      은근 매력도 있구...ㅋ 암튼 이 삼베.. 다들 재미있어해요...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Dear Eyoung

    I saw this project on the SC gallery and I had to move over to your blog. This page is so gorgeous and I love it!

    Your storage tips are cool...quick and easy...sounds very good to me. I like clear containers too. It helps when you see the products otherwise I forget what material I have. :o)

    How do you store your finished layouts? If you put them in an album then the 3D effect gets lost. This would be a pitty for this cute bow :o).

    1. hi, PrinzessinN!!
      thank you~ yes, i love to use clear containers. it's convenient~ and after finish works, i put them in album...like you...
      about 3d effect, i put them not much in album. so needs many albums... -.-...

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    1. : ) hi, Marzewski~ thanks... every your comment! hug~ : )