projectlife : march-b , 'march is filled with fresh color '

projectlife : march-b
march is filled with fresh color.


my photos can't help following shunshine march!
'say cheese' , 'i love this photo' : )
a snapshot can make my friends smile~
because of this reason, this journalcard was made by the moments by taken photos.
i stamped Paislee Press Photographer stamp and sewed by machine.
the simple, clean and green is for this project life.
so i used sewing and simple message stamp in projectlife spread.
i think message stamping and sewing on the paper is romantic match!!! : )
'here' is from  Arrow Journal Spot stamp
  and 'you & me' is from  i love stamp .
cappuccino waffle! yummy cafe time!!
this place is around samcheng-dong, seoul.
i do love here!!!

this card is very simple and clean!
this is  SA Flower Quotes stamp. this has two message about friend and hope.
i think both message and font of this stamp are super lovely.
all message is connected with 'flowers'. this is why  i love it!!
after stamping, put a plastic green star and sewed them by machine.  
i found white wall and stared my photo time!
while having photo time, remember just one!!
don't be shy!!!!!!!!!! : ) 


  1. 아오~ 깔끔하고 이뻐라 ♡

  2. ㅋ 이제야 들어와 본다. 깔끔하게 잘 꾸몄네. 정말 수고했어. 언제 이렇게 다 만들었니? 대단하다.
    즐겨찾기 해놨으니, 자주 들어볼께~~~

    1. 포스팅을 꼬박 해야하는데 그게 참...
      아직도 밀린게 넘 많다는...-.-ㅋ